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Mumbai Paused Zine 06


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No matter how tall its skyscrapers or shitty the sea's odour surrounding it, this city is merely an island that functions based on its stomach. It has numerous mouths to feed and generates very little of what it consumes. It serves as a destination, port, and junction for things that pass through to other places with mouths to feed. Gatekeepers shadow its every movement. Hungry mouths scream and retaliate against them.

The city is of the stomach, by the stomach, for the stomach. Everything we do, we do for food.

This issue of the zine centres around food and the city. The zine is a photo zine in PDF format and features photographs by Gopal MS or Mumbai Paused. It is best enjoyed on a larger screen such as a computer, laptop, or tablet/iPad.

You can also access the earlier issues of the Mumbai Paused Zine, which explore various aspects of the city. This issue marks the beginning of a series featuring roti (food), kapda (clothing), and makaan (housing).

Download the Mumbai Paused Food Issue: Cooked and Served. Happy reading.

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