V for Vertical

For #GreenSpacesDictionary and @mumbaismagic I look up at our climbing skyline. Our city’s pride. Our towering glory.

When you look up, also look down. Just like a tree has roots and the wood wide web that sustains it (google WWW if you are not aware of it), our cities also have networks that sustain it. Let’s take one part of that - water. Mumbai sucks water from rivers all over the northern part of Konkan and beyond. Delhi in the Yamuna plains is planning to get water from the Ganga valley and from parts of the Indus system, Bangalore wants water from westward flowing rivers (Yettinahole), Chennai from the rivers up North, etc.

We suck big time and as residents of the city, it’s good to know where our water comes from.

But we do have a large national park that is like a super water tank. Soaking water and slowly releasing it.

All the water we use comes from similar natural sponges.

The tower and homes we live in have long roots, sucking water through pipes. The higher we climb, let’s not forget to look deeper below our feet.

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