X for Xerox

Stuck at X road when I came to X! So today I pick up Xerox for #GreenSpacesDictionary and @mumbaismagic

I also come back to a topic I touched upon in J for Jambul or Jamoon about types of trees we choose as shade for our footpaths.

Rain Trees were popular in Mumbai for their shade but a few years back, several factors came together to kill many of these trees planted all over the city. Concrete on the streets, heat from buildings, roots getting damaged or choked and pests that attacked and finished them the other factors destroyed their strengths.

This led to a major change in how footpaths are laid in the city. You can notice it in the mew footpaths being laid that leave space around the tree trunk for example. It happened because people got together to make it happen.

This also led to trees of other varieties to be planted and to avoid Xerox copy trees (force-fitted X word :p)

However, the trees shown here were not killed by insects or pests. Example Pic 1 and 2 is outside the @zaraindiaofficial store at Fountain which was killed to make the heritage building seen by people.

As citizens, we can have a say in what kind of trees you want, but only if we speak up. Don’t stay silent.

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